Miami Family Therapy, Sex Therapist, Marriage Counselor

Life is a long and beautiful journey you commence at the nook of a family that you are born into. You never get to choose your family, however, you have the power to choose how you relate, engage and survive the relationships you form with the people who birthed, raised and supported you through the early years and beyond. Family Therapy is the art and science of unlocking the mysterious and complicated family forces that pulls us together and sometimes apart in the process of relating, growing and living in a human group.

As a Florida licensed marriage and family therapist (MT2824) based in Miami and as a certified clinical sex therapist my practice focuses on couples, families, and individual therapy. I am curious about the dilemmas, uncertainty and anxieties clients face at the different developmental stages of their life. Finding solutions, exploring alternatives and understanding the conundrums at stake is my passion. You will laugh, cry, feel and think during my sessions. We will work diligently to unravel the profoundly beautiful possibilities for a forgiving past, a more certain present and a more hopeful future.

Please call me directly to schedule an appointment. I have flexible office hours that will suit you. I look forward to our conversations.